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Welcome to Umz Games, home of the Global International gaming connection network

At Umz Games, we believe in creating gaming experiences that begin with our games and last a lifetime. Join us on this journey to the Gaming Reality

We've built games for mobile, desktop and online so we're well versed in game development. Now watch and connect and we unify every gaming experience!

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Alkia: The Gamers Reality

Imagine a new world of gaming. Where all gaming experiences are strung together by the skillful hands of developers, sewn into a beautiful cloth of an interconnected experience. Imagine playing a game to it's completion, and using your gained assets in the next game you play.

Imagine taking one game, and putting it into another, so that your gaming experience never seems to end.

You are imagining Alkia. You are imagining Interconnected gaming. You are imagining Umz Games.

Welcome to the New Generation of gaming.
Welcome to The Gamer's Reality.

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Sprinter Quest Game Icon

Sprinter Quest on Android

Sprinter Quest is the game of the year, century and every other measure of time. Because it pits Players against one another in a local multiplayer battle to prove once and for all who the king of tapping is! Connect via Bluetooth and play anyone within range, a tapping fury epic on Android.

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Star Blaster Icon

Star Blaster

Shoot your way to victory in this one of a kind Shmup for mobile. The usual shoot and go strategem will need a bit more thought and calculation to conquer the Stars.

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Killer Ant Empire Icon

Killer Ant Empire

Take control of natures most powerful super-organism and take your colony to the very heights of the food chain. Ants are already all over the world, take them further!

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Slow Builder Icon

Slow Builder Game

Our simple sandbox project studies our Player's patience and dedication in following their own small town from the ground to metropolis! Best of all, it's always developing...

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Umz Mini Games Icon

Umz Mini Games

Hailed as the No. 1 Bluetooth Multiplayer on Android, we bring you the collection that shot to popularity for local multiplayer battles! Get competitive today with Mini Games!

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Get it on Android Just a little bit about us..

Now of course, a company with 'Games' in the name is going to create games! We cover Mobile and Online games and cover a wide range of software and platforms! There's not a game we can't create.

Retro Game Development That's not all! We're moving away from the traditional method of development and delivery of games to create a newer, better and bigger infrastructure. The Umz Games Reality! Connect to our Reality... Enter Alkia and nothing will be the same ever again.

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